Elearning Strateji ve Teknolojilerine Yönelik 35 Önemli Makale

Farklı kaynaklardan derlenen, elearning stratejileri ve teknolojilerini konu eden 35 önemli makale. Elearning ile ilgilenenler için iyi bir başlangıç noktası:

  1. eLearning Strategy (PDF)
  2. Elearning – A Primer
  3. Learning 2.0 Strategy
  4. eLearning 3.0
  5. Top-Down Strategy
  6. What does a real life e-learning strategy look like?
  7. 14 Things We Can Learn from the BEST – Part 1
  8. The Ten Commandments of eLearning
  9. Optimizing eLearning Strategy (Bryan Chapman)
  10. The eLearning Guild’s Handbook of e-Learning Strategy
  11. Strategizing informal learning
  12. When a Rapid Approach Makes the Most Sense by Patti Shank
  13. Social Learning Strategies Checklist
  14. Checklist of Social Learning Strategies
  15. How To Create Successful M-Learning Strategy: mLearnCon – Part I
  16. e-learning strategy – the year ahead
  17. Social Learning Strategies, Models, and Roles
  18. Getting strategic– Learnlets
  19. Your Enterprise 2.0 Strategy Is Flawed – Now Embrace It– Engaged Learning
  20. Strategy, strategically– Learnlets
  21. elearning, strategically– Learnlets
  22. 21st Century Learning Strategies– Spark Your Interest
  23. The Performance Environment– Learnlets
  24. Compliance training ideas from six elearning experts– Thinking Cloud
  25. Use Learning Paths to develop the right Learning Strategy– Free as in Freedom
  26. Strategy as Process, Not Product: The Learning Value Chain by Ellen Behrens
  27. 10 Strategies for Integrating Learning and Work (part 1)
  28. 10 Strategies for Integrating Learning and Work (part 2)
  29. 10 Strategies for Integrating Learning and Work (part 3)
  30. Breathing life into an informal learning strategy
  31. Web 2.0 Strategy
  32. Strategies for learning and performance support: a summary
  33. Twitter in learning strategies: Yes or No?
  34. Strategizing informal learning
  35. Five Steps to Mobile Learning Success by Brian Taliesin

Kaynak: Tony Karrer – Elearning Learning

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